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The 4 Week Fitness Plan will help you jump-start, re-start, or rejuvenate your fitness journey. We will work together for 1 month to get you pointed in the right direction. This is not a "get fit quick" program. This is a time to evaluate your current habits and lifestyle and set you on a path to improve your health and fitness level. We will identify potential roadblocks and develop strategies to overcome them.


All Fitness Plans Include:

Personalized Nutrition Guide - taking your goals, starting point, and lifestyle into consideration we will come up with a plan just for you. This can range from a very specific meal plan to help you reach a goal to simply learning to develop a better relationship with food.


Workout Plan - workouts designed for your level and lifestyle. A realistic program designed just for you! We will consider the amount of time you are able to devote to exercise and the types of movement you enjoy when planning your workouts.


Weekly One-on-One Coaching Sessions - sessions will give you an opportunity to discuss obstacles, check progress, get questions answered, and (most importantly) hold you accountable.


We will begin with an approximately 20 minute conversation to gather the information needed to get you started. Please contact me directly if you do not see an available time that works for you.

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